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Ballaz123 posted on 08-31-2011 6:12 | Locked

I am playing crossfire europe for th efirst time obviously but when i sign in it says "Your region is locked" could you tell me why this happens. I'm from england

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Xentrox replied on 08-31-2011 6:36 | Locked

You are blocked from CF EU.

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You can't play because you have your own version of Crossfire.

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Ballaz123 replied on 08-31-2011 8:56 | Locked

I don't have a version of crossfire i downloaded the client and it says region blocked

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Tutur50 replied on 08-31-2011 8:59 | Locked

You have!

Go on z8games web site to download your client.

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Answered (Not Verified) ablaz3d replied on 08-31-2011 9:21 | Locked
Suggested by uAfraid

Regions which already have a local release of Crossfire may be blocked from accessing our release of Crossfire, depending on licensing and publishing agreements.  If you are not playing from one of these regions, the server may be undergoing maintenance, please check our website for more details.  The following regions will be unable to access our version:


United States


United Kingdom










Trinidad and Tobago






it sux that the UK is blocked while turks and egyptians are able to come and hack in this version


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Arcadix replied on 08-31-2011 13:42 | Locked

I still cannot understand, why Z8 opened UK servers if whole Europe is blocked from their version...

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same with me

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ImThomas replied on 08-31-2011 15:16 | Locked

Can anybody from USA play CF EU?

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ASALAAA replied on 08-31-2011 15:26 | Locked

I have the same problem what it mean I  live in Armenia.

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Answered (Not Verified) RageIndeed replied on 07-03-2012 19:07 | Locked
Suggested by RageIndeed

Yep, I can't play this game with a friend due to region. Yes, I noticed this was a nerco, I'd care more if I could play here.

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RageIndeed replied on 07-04-2012 1:40 | Locked

Aware of the list, problem still exists. There, not quite so simple.

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Aware of the list, problem still exists. There, not quite so simple.

There is no solution to this. Your region is still blocked and that won't change for some time.



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